Tangkoko Conservation Education

Tangkoko Conservation Education is the official education programme of the Macaca Nigra Project. The purpose of TCE is to preserve the flora and fauna of Sulawesi, especially in the Tangkoko-Duasaudara-Batuangus nature reserves.

This project aims to increase the environment and conservation awareness of local youth and community of the villages surrounding the reserves and other protected forests of North Sulawesi: For this 2015-2016 school year, we develop environmental and conservation education interventions in 12 schools in the villages of Batu Putih (Atas and Bawah), Pinangunian, Kasawari, Winenet, Sagerat, Duasudara, Danwodu, Airmadidi, Bitung, Girian, Makawidey and Tuminting.